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RFID tag and smart card manufaturers in China-Top 10


Now we can see RFID tags and smart cards in more and more scenarios. RFID is widely used, mainly in transportation, food, animal identification, financial payment, logistics, retail, manufacturing, clothing industry, medical care, identity recognition, anti-counterfeiting, asset management, libraries, automobiles, aviation, military and other fields.

Common RFID products include:

1. UHF and HF rfid tags

2. NFC tags

3. Smart cards(PVC, wood, metal and etc.)

4. Rfid wristbands

5. NFC epoxy tags

6. Rfid keyfobs

7. Rfid cable tie tag

8. Rfid laundry tag

9. Rfid anti-metal tag

10. Rfid FPC tag

11. RFID PCB and ABS tag


Today we introduce 5 reliable Chinese RFID manufacturing companies.

1. Shanghai Fudan Microelectronics Group Co., Ltd.

The largest chip manufacturer in the southeastern coastal area of China, located in Shanghai, China. Many companies use the chips they developed, among which Fudan F08 is the most famous and is often used in hotel access control, etc.


2. Sichuan Kiloway Technologies Co, Ltd. 

The largest chip manufacturer in inland China, located in Sichuan, China. The recently popular RFID object-finding tags with LED lighting function mainly use the chips they produce.


3. Chengdu Unique Globalsmart Technology Co., Ltd

A well-known smart card supplier in China, the smart cards they produce are widely used in hotels, schools, gyms, amusement parks and other places. Because of its exquisite printing and sensitive reading, the cards are loved by consumers at home and abroad.


4. Huizhou Lanto IOT Co., Ltd.

Huizhou Lanto IOT Co., Ltd. offers a comprehensive range of RFID products, including RFID tags and smart cards. Currently, it has 11 RFID production lines and 6 card production lines, which can continuously provide consumers around the world with high-quality and cheap RFID products.

At the same time, they provide customers with supporting card readers to ensure better operation of the RFID system. Their products are sold to United States, Japan, South Korea, Canada, Spain, Philippines and other 30 countries. Their products are well received by consumers from all over the world.

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5. Guangzhou Julian Intelligent Co., Ltd.


A company that mainly provides RFID tags, it has more than 100 RFID antennas of different sizes to meet customers' different size and application needs. At the same time, they focus on developing labels for special application scenarios, such as UHF anti-metal labels, FPC labels, high-temperature washing labels, etc.


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