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New Fashin - Using NFC tags to create a food menu


With the development of NFC, restaurants, cafes, bars and more public places have begun to use NFC technology.

It is super-fast, easy and contactless. NFC and QR code menus & contactless cards as faster and safer ways are the choice of more businesses. Up to 30% increase in client turnaround time.


Your digital menu can be viewed on any mobile devices with NFC function, NO NEED to download an app! Customers instantly access your digital menu by tap NFC menu or scanning the QR code with their phones. It can work with both Andriod and IOS systems.


Guests begin to eat with their eyes. Large engaging photos and fast, beautiful and user-friendly interface will make it easier for your customers to place an order.


This product can be made into a variety of forms, such as standing signs, adhesive stickers, stickers, etc. You can choose from a variety of styles, and you can customize personalized content.


We can provide low MOQ contactless digital menus & free contact tracing system for Restaurants, Cafes, Bars, Beauty Centres, Hair Saloons and public events. If you have any questions please contact emily.jltop@gmail.com.


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