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  • Rfid On Metal Tag Nfc Tag213 Sticker

    1. Chip

      Ntag 213,Ntag 215,Ntag 216

    2. Frequency


    3. Protocol


    4. Material

      coated paper

    5. Size

      Dia 18/25/30/35/40mm, square 40*25/10*20/86*54mm or customized

    6. Application

      Anti-counterfeiting, asset management, smart home, nfc business tag

    7. Consult now

Product Details

Rfid On Metal Tag Nfc Tag213 Sticker

Product Picture



Product nameNFC anti-metal nfc sticker
ChipNtag 213/215/216, compatible 213/215/216
SizeDia 18/25/30/35/40mm, square 40*25/10*20/86*54mm or customized
144 bytes, 504 bytes, 888 bytes
Chip life
write 100,000 times, save data for 10 years
ApplicationAnti-counterfeiting, Social media sharing, menu tag,sign in, asset management, etc

How to test the chip?

You need a cell phone support NFC, IOS and Andriod both works. Download TagInfo App, open it, hover your phone over the NFC tag/sticker/label/NFC card, it will shows the chip, data and memory, like pictures in the second row. 

If the NFC tag/sticker/label/NFC card is cloned type(pictures in the third row), it will show like pictures in the fourth row.

Our NFC sticker models


The size can be customized, it can be anti-metal and non-metal version.

The priting can also be customzied

Difference between dry inlay, wet inlay and white label




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