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  • Hot Custom Printable Nfc Business Card Ntag213/215/216 Phone Card

    1. Chip

      Ntag 213,Ntag 215,Ntag 216

    2. Frequency


    3. Protocol


    4. Material


    5. Size

      60x45mm or customized

    6. Application

      Lotalty, Credit Card, Transportation, Identification, Hotel, Enterprises, Bank, Traffic, Insurance, Retail, Parking, School, Library Management, Access Control etc.

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Product Details


Hot  Custom Printable Sale Nfc Business Card Ntag213/215/216 Phone Card


Do you want to improve your networking and impress everyone you meet?

NFC PhoneCard Digital Business Cards, the fastest way to share any of your social links just by tapping phones.

NFC PhoneCard Digital Business Cards is the fastest way to share your social media and contact info! The other person doesn't need an app or a software

to receive your info. 

A wide range of colors for your choice

colorful nfc card (14).png

MOQ only 100pcs for custom Logo 


No App Required to Scan



Instantly share your social networks, contact information, payment information, music and weblinks with a simple tap. Best of all,

the other person doesn’t need the any Social App to receive your information or add you to their contacts!

This NFC Bubble tag is not only for phones, it can be placed on any surface. This includes phone cases(over and under a case is

totally fine! We've tested with thick cases), shop windows, laptops, cars, restaurant tables, travel luggage, office settings,



Yep! You can link virtually anything with this NFC phonecard!

Easily share your socials just with one tap!


Nfc Tag Social Media / Share & Exchange Information


Popular Size

60*25mm or customized
ProgramEncode URL/ Test; Set Password & Lock
ColorBlue, Black, Yellow etc. or Customized
PrintingCustomized Design and OEM

* Visit a website URL

* Share a text file

* Pair with a Bluetooth device

* Launch an specific app

* Connect to a wifi network with credentials

* Trigger a smart home automation

* Toggle Phone Settings (Alarm, Ringer, etc.) On/Off

* Send SMS Message

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